Jenny White specializes in interior home design!

Jenny holds a special talent for planning spaces and coordinating furnishings and accessories. In fact, she has provided her expertise to over 1000 home interior design projects.

Incorporating and building upon many of the home design ideas that have graced the interior design and home furnishing section of the NY Times – they can be found here. Specializing in plantation shutters by Rapid Blinds, Jenny has built her own style and put her signature on multiple projects that have won her countless awards.

A Tropical Home!

I think most people would have to agree that a home that has a tropical atmosphere is more inviting and relaxing. Unfortunately, we all cannot live close to the beach nor can we all afford to live by the beach. I have come up with a few tricks of the trade to make your home more tropical and inviting! First, indoor tropical plants are an easy addition. They are actually very lush looking and surprisingly low maintenance. If you want more of a project, painting your home a beach theme color can add a refreshing twist. Light blues, pale yellows, mint greens are all some of my favorite tropical colors. Keeping the colors light are important for letting natural light inside. Wicker is always a beach theme must. Wicker furniture, end tables, and ceiling fans can give it that low key relaxing feel. Adding plantation shutters in my opinion give a home that instant key west look. Pale wall colors with the beautiful white shutters are a few of my top picks when decorating a home. If you have noticed, the beach decorations available at most home improvement stores prove that a tropical theme is definitely in style! Because of the popularity, table lamps, pillow throws to even dish ware are beach themed with shells, sea life and water. Our favorite Houston pool builder says that if you want to go the extra mile in creating a tropical home, the addition of a pool is a must! I absolutely love when I walk in to a home and see straight through to the back of the home a bright blue pool. Yes I know, installing a pool can get pricey and if you do not live in a climate where you can use it all year around it can seem like a waste. But, as Arizona pool builder BD Pools and Spas says, if you really want to take advantage of your home and the yard space a pool is a must!

Clean Carpets are Crucial to Any Home!

One thing is for sure, clean carpets are a must for any home. There is nothing worse then walking into a house that has dirty carpets.

Fun Fact on Carpets

Did you know that only 20% of households have clean carpets? This stat coming from the DYW Carpet Cleaning organization. They say that most homes have dirty carpets. That is a stagering statistic that most home owners do not realize. Clean your carpets if you want to make your home stand out!